Holton Gun & Bow Club

EVENT: Open 15 Egg Shoot

How a match is run

The Holton Gun and Bow Club sponsors a 15 egg shoot monthly year around. This page describes the event. The club calendar shows the date and time for the events.

View the targets The event features 15 eggs shot @ 100yds from the Bench on the small range. With 3 lanes on the range, shooters form into relays of three who shoot simultaneously. Scores are posted in the clubhouse and winners are presented a trophy to take away.

Historically Open 15 egg Shoots have been held on the first Sunday of each month. Sighting practice may or may not be available before the match, however the match provides for sighting shots. Competition begins at 11:00AM. Do confirm the schedule from the web calendar.


Firearm permitted: Rimfire: 22LR, and 17cal rimfire. No limitations are placed on the gun nor the sight

Cost: $5.00 per entry

Organization: Shooters enter their choice of a relay number and bench number on a list of competitors during registration. The range master will announce the relay permitted on the firing line.


  1. Once the relay has been announced, and the range has been made hot, the shooter may bring his rifle from the rack to his chosen bench. Once the shooter and rifle are made ready on the firing line, the shooter may take from zero to 5 sight-in shots (5 is the max) on a paper target in the lane near the eggs.
  2. When the shooter has finished sighting, he shall call out “eggs” to the range master. The next 15 shots must go only to the eggs (no more shots on the paper target after eggs are called).
  3. Permitted: 1 shot per Egg starting from the left toward the right.
  4. Immediately following the last egg shot, the shooter shall make the gun safe and return it to the rack. After the other shooters have finished, all other equipment and brass may be removed from the bench.
  5. When everyone on the relay is done, the range will be made safe and a scorer will go down range to score the hits & replace broken eggs for the next relay. (The egg shell must at least be cracked to count as a hit. No points for gray lead marks.....without a crack!)
  6. Following scoring and range preparation, the range will go hot and the next relay of shooters may start their course of fire.
  7. In the event of a scoring tie, the range master will create a tie breaker competition of his choice.