Holton Gun & Bow Club
EVENT: Egg on Paper Shoot

final OK 2021.?


5-eggs on paper target

Holton Gun and Bow Club sponsors a variety of bench rest egg shoots for club members. This competition features a paper target with 5 egg images plus 2 images are provided in an area reserved for sighting. The best score per target is 25 points and represents a fairly difficult event. OPEN shoots permit non-members to compete from time to time.

With more shooters than shooting lanes on the range, and perhaps shooting at more than one distance, target, and/or gun, shooters form into relays who shoot simultaneously during competition. Scores are posted in the clubhouse.

Shooting practice is encouraged before the event. Competition begins as noted in the calendar with the Range Master ending any practice shooting.

Before traveling to the range, do check the web site calendar for the date and time of the event. Also check the marque on the home page for last minute changes. Plan to arrive early to register and practice.

There are several variants of this discipline. The events features a variety of guns and shooting distances. One common feature is the egg. Eggs are not real, egg images on paper include scoring rings three to five. Hitting the central dot is scored "X" which is used for tie breaking. The following varieties are found in the calendar of events:

PAPER EGGS 75-100-200YD
3-Gun, limitations on the gun and sight: Normally shot following the monthly membership meeting.
Only 22LR Rimfire Rifle permitted with rifle scope. Each relay is called three times for a total score on three targets. As an exception to the rules for this event, the front support of the rifle is limitated to sandbag, or bipod.


Organization: A Range Master directs the event. Sometimes a second range officer serves as Scorer.

Firearm use permitted: During registering for the event, the gun should be removed from the travel case, the bolt be opened or removed, and be placed in the rack provided at the back of the firing line. While not in use, the gun must rest in the rack with the bolt either open or removed. While on the firing line, the shooter must support the gun in the following manner:

Registration Cost: A registration fee of $5.00 per relay applies to most events. In the case of 15 PAPER EGGS 100YD the fee is $10.00 per entry.


  1. The Range Master will make the range safe and announce the relay members who are up to shoot. Once the relay has been announced, only those shooters are permitted to approach the firing line to set up their bench with equipment and ammo (but not the rifle).
  2. After the Range Master and Scorer have finished preparation, the Range Master will confirm the relay members then make the range hot. Only after the range has been made hot, may the shooter bring his rifle from the rack to his bench.
  3. Once the shooter and rifle are made ready on the firing line, the shooter may take from 0 (zero) to 5 (the maximum) sight-in shots on the reserved portion of the target. The shooter may adjust sights as needed for conditions at the moment.
  4. Required: The next 5 shots must go only to the 5 scoring egg images with only 1 shot per Egg (no more shots on the sighter eggs).
  5. Immediately following the last egg shot, the shooter shall make his gun safe and return it to the rack.
  6. After all shooters have guns back in the rack, the range will be made safe. Each shooter must remove all equipment and brass from the bench. The scorer will go down range to fetch targets and to hang new targets for the next relay.
  7. Following range preparation, if additional relays are waiting to shot, the Range Master will confirm the shooters on the upcoming relay. The next relay of shooters do their course of fire beginning at step 2 above.
  8. Following scoring, prizes will be handed out. In the event of a tie score, the Range Master will create a tie breaker shoot-off of his choice.