Holton Gun & Bow Club

EVENT: ARA Bench Rest Shoot


The Holton Gun and Bow Club sponsors events sanctioned by the American Rimfire Association, or ARA. The, ARA is a national organization who keeps scores and runs a web site that may be accessed by clicking here. Scoring results at HGaBC will be submitted to the organization for inclusion in state and national rankings.

This page describes the local details of the event held at HGaBC. View the targets The club calendar shows the date and time for the events. For 2021, events will be held in

on the 4th Saturday of the month. No match in September - bumped by the NBRSA.

The event features 25 shots on multiple ARA custom targets at 50yd from benches 21 thru 40 on the big range.

A score print off sheet will be stapled on the range (we do not use the club house). Target stars will be presented to target winners and match pin will be given to match winner at Club matches. Medals will be presented to the top 3 places and target winners at the tournament in July. In addition, there will be Medals given to the top 3 places for the Season winners in each class.


ARA Rules: The ARA establishes a set of rules governing the event. The 21 page rule book may be found on the ARA web site by clicking here.

Unique to HGaBC are the following items:

Cost: The registration cost for the event is:

If we mised anything important to you, click here to see the CONTACT-US page for ARA events.