Holton Gun & Bow Club

EVENT: Unlimited Bench Rest Score Shoot

The target image. Join us for a 100 & 200-yard club scored shoot using UBR “equalized scoring system” targets. The event will be held on the "big" range of 40 lanes so there is room for all.

Holton Unlimited Bench Rest Shoot Rules:

Shooting rules are adapted from UBR website and will apply as shown below.

Factory Class:

Rifles consist of major market manufacturers guns. The barrel must have a proof mark or other marking on the barrel matching it to the action. Stocks can be after-market if the type is normally used in the models manufacture, IE: McMillian stocks. Bedding or bedding blocks are allowed. New crowns are allowed on the factory barrel. Triggers may be tuned or changed out. This includes Sako, Kimber’s, Cooper’s, Savage and other gun makers. Remington 40x with a factory barrel are also considered factory.

Modified Class:

Custom Class: