Club workday rescheduled to Saturday 8/13. Volunteers needed. Start time 0800 until about noon. Some range closures will occur.
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Holton Gun & Bow Club

The HGBC was started in 1962 by a group of people from the Holton & Twin Lake areas. They had originally started (In 1960) shooting behind the American Legion in Holton. The group decided they wanted to purchase some property and start a shooting club. The Holton School District had 80 acres on Crystal Lake Rd which had caught on fire & was burnt over. The group purchased the property to start the Holton Gun & Bow Club. They had their first meeting in August of 1962 electing their club’s officers.

The members of the Holton Gun Club wanted a family friendly, safe facility where members could participate in the different shooting disciplines. Over the years - The Holton Gun Club has evolved to become a 4-season shooting facility with a:

  • 1500 square ft. clubhouse with office, meeting room, and kitchen
  • 5-lane 75/100/200yd range weather protected benches
  • 40-lane 50/100/200yd range outdoor covered benches
  • 4-lane 300yd range shared with the 40-lane range
  • Bow Range with ground and elevated stations
  • Pistol Range with a 50yd berm

Holton Gun & Bow Club is a private club, yet we welcome new applicants.   We also hold shoots that are open to the public.

Shooting Disciplines



Year Round:

Club Event Schedule

The HG&B is organized around a plan and makes things happen thru volunteers. A schedule of the plan is published on this web site in the form of a CALENDAR with printed copies posted in the clubhouse. Please do check the Comprehensive Event Calendar often for committed dates and times.

Some events are routine and are repeated each year. Those events are summarized in the Shooting Disciplines table seen above. Click on the discipline for details.

For a historic perspective, see 2019 events for the entire year. _

Recent News/Events

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