December 2, 2018 SUNDAY Open Shoot 15 Egg 22LR & 17Caliber $5.00/gun 11:00AM 100 Yards December 8, 2018 Saturday 15 Egg @ Holton 22LR Weather Permitting 11:00AM $5.00 100 Yards December 16, 2018 SUNDAY Membership Five Egg Paper For Score $5.00/gun 11:00AM 100 Yards


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Welcome Shooters 2018!

Holton Gun & Bow Club

The HGBC was started in 1962 by a group of people from the Holton & Twin Lake areas. They had originally started (In 1960) shooting behind the American Legion in Holton. The group decided they wanted to purchase some property and start a shooting club. The Holton School District had 80 acres on Crystal Lake Rd which had caught on fire & was burnt over. The group purchased the property to start the Holton Gun & Bow Club. They had their first meeting in August of 1962 electing their club’s officers.

The members of the Holton Gun Club wanted a family friendly, safe facility where members could participate in the different shooting disciplines. Over the years - The Holton Gun Club has evolved to become a 4-season shooting facility with a 1500 square ft. clubhouse,  2- Rifle Ranges, a Bow Range & a Pistol Range.

    Shooting Disciplines


         Bench Rest - IBS & NBRSA - 40 Benches - 100 & 200 yards

         Varmint for Score Shoots - 100 & 200 yards

         ARA Shoots

         New 300 yard rifle range

         Pistol Shoots

Summer & Winter:

         Varmint Shoots - Rimfire & Centerfire

         Egg Shoots - 22LR

See the Annual Shooting Schedule to see when the shoots are held.

Holton Gun & Bow Club is a private club, but we are accepting applications.  We also have shoots open to the public.  Please check the event calendar for dates.